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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Australian Crimestoppers Sweep of Child Molester Suspects

Several years ago, a wonderful advertising agency in New Jersey came to me, asking how they can help us deliver the messages of safe and secure surfing. After sitting with me for awhile, they learned that the one issue nearest and dearest to my heart is that of online child exploitation.

I first began my work in the area of online safety after having seen an image of a 3-1/2 year old little girl being graphically raped. John Hynes and his partner Andy Korn decided that they would take up the challenge of building an awareness campaign around this subject. They donated all their time and out of pocket costs and convinced others to do the same. The result of this incredible team is the Behind Every Picture There's Pain" poster, which is being used with's permission by the Australian law enforcement groups as the core of their awareness campaign and the theme of this crackdown on cybercriminals.

Congratulations to the incredible men and women of Australian law enforcement and the people who helped us create this noderful message that will remind everyone that we are not only talking about images, we are talking about children's abuse.


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