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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

In the good old days...when you could actually know about the laws

In the early days of cyberlaw, when five u=of us sat in a chatroom and talked about what cyberlaw should be and what still neede to be decided, things were easy. We could read the handful of cases that had already been determined and watch the new ones develop.

Legislators knew who to call when they need expertise in online privacy and security issues.

These were days before people flew planes into tall buildings. In the simpler days of protecting privacy and building ebtter security. In the days when (at least in the Unitied States) there were fewer tensions between what people wanted and what our government needed.

I am considered a leading legal expert in my field. Called by the media around the world, consulted by government and regulatory agencies worldwide, quoted frequently, I worry that every day the issues become more complex and outside of the ability of any one person to grasp fully.

I went form cyberspace lawyer, covering and writing about all aspects of cyberlaw, from jurisdiction, to consumer protection, to taxation and regulatory oversight, to privacy, to safety, to security, to risk management to compliance...the list goes on and on.

Then I dropped jurisidictional issues, intellectual property issues, tax and a few others, and started focusing on security, safety, risks management and compliance and most of all privacy. Now I wonder how we can even keep track of all the new legislation and rulemaking.

Spyware, local laws, legitimate updating technologies, SPAM, fraud, consumer protection, phishing, spoofing, typosquatting, the PATRIOT act, fair credit reporting and workplace issues...unionized workplaces, blogging, IM, P2P,

sometimes you wish the world would slow down for a few minutes so that everyone could take the time to learn what is out there, what is coming and why.

I will be looking for other real experts out there to start working with. In the olden days I created the first virtual law firm, which we called the virtual law firm network. Perhaps we should do the same here in blogging. finding the right experts and cross-linking to fill in gaps in what the other does and knows.

Wanna network?

let me know.



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