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Thursday, April 21, 2005

AOL and safe chat

AOL has a major investment in kids. They developed the first parental control system for an ISP and has consistently won awards and recognition from my online safety group and from me personally.
They do it right. They always have. And worked harder to do it right than most others in cyberspace.

When you are a big company, people sue you. They are sometimes right and sometimes wrong. They sometimes win and sometimes lose. While it would be inappropriate for me to comment on ongoing litigation, I can tell you one thing. I don't have details on what AOL does in hiring, screening employees or other humnan resource issues. But I trust them. I trust them to do what's right for kids. I trust them to care.

When someone asks me as a lawyer to comment on legal issues, I do. Not as an opinion, but as an explanation of the legal arguments. I've never been shy about taking on the big guys. Nor am I shy about correcting any misconceptions that may exist when my discussion of legal theories are confused with my opinions as a child Interent safety advocate.

I have trusted AOL with kids for 11 years. I trsut them still. I will continue to trust them.

it's that simple.



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