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Monday, July 26, 2004

None of Your Bees Wax!

How much of our concept of privacy was formed by the time we left grammar school? I remember that when I was younger, I would share anything with anyone who asked. And even with those who didn't ask :-) What we paid for something, arguments my parents had, how much money my parents earned, when someone was sick, getting divorced, anything. There was no concept of secrets. Telling was the best part of a secret.

Then when hormones started flowing, I started to learn that somethings should remain a secret. And as the hormones started flowing in others, I learned that today's best friend can be your dire enemy tomorrow. That was when I started to add "none of your bess wax" to my vocabulary. I used it with everyone. (I even tried it once with my mother...ONCE is the operative word here :-))

But when we look at privacy issues now, the younger kids don't see that line. They seem ot think that as long as they have nothing to hide, that they shouldn't have to worry about who knows what.

Has the concept of "none of your bess wax" disappeared these days? Isn't it enough that the information is yours? Does something have to be very secret to be protected as "private?"

Isn't there a value to private sphere anymore?

just musing...



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